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wow ouch from personal expience all i can say is in elementry school the gap can be at most 3 or 4 in middle school its shorten to 1 or 2 maybe 3 if the girl is hot in high school the age difference would be from 1-6 in my high school we get a few 20 year old guys : P(morans) Some people, like my dumb bitch cousin, get left back a lot. I hate when kids go "maried people can be 5 years apart, so can we!

It would be difficult to get a 7th grader to ask a 5th grader out. But if you think that this 8th grader is worth a shot, go for it!! It doesn't really matter the difference in grades you are in, if you take in information, process it, and learn than a 5th grader can be smarter than a 6th 7t H or 8th grader it depends on how the student takes in information or tries to take it in. because I'm dating a 10th grader, myself :p well idk anyone can date anyone but me personaly if i dated a 8th grader my friends would make fun of me but thats just me there are alot of 8th graders who like me and im in 10th grade i told them all to at least wait untill the beginning of summer just saying It depends what the eighth grader sees in the sixth grader.

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it doesnt matter if its a 6th grade girl and 9th grade guy.vise versa. There are too many legal liabilities involved that can ruin their reputation and destroy their career.

However, I'm sure there is a boy out there who will love you just the way you are!

You put a bunch of enormous eight graders who are in their growth spurt, and little fifth graders.

i am in the 7th grade and this 9th grader liked me he would always look at me and smile when i see him in the halls,and one day he asked me what grade i was in and how old i was, but basically if he smiles at you or tries to make himself visible 4 you to see him he must likes you .. lol If you are the 5th grader with a crush on Justin Bieber, and you are wondering if he would go out with you, then the answer is no. The cast of War of Our Children - 2011 includes: Nick Alford as 5th Grade Scout Sandra Andino as 3rd Grade Girl Chloe Apple as 3rd Grade Girl Ricky Bernaldo as 3rd Grade Jock Rebecca Calderon as 3rd Grade Girl Victoria Corcoran as 3rd Grade Girl Mikayla Dounn as 3rd Grade Girl Abigail Dreiser as 3rd Grade Girl Nathan Dreiser as 5th Grader with Hose Amanda Dreyer as 3rd Grade Girl Davis Dunsworth as Cornered…

When I was in third grade, I had an IQ of 157, so having an IQ of 111 in the sixth grade is not so good. No celebrity in their right mind would date someone under their own age or the age of consent.

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