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As of 2014, Acme Whistles is owned and managed by Simon Topman. He moved to Bent & Parker, a maker of army supplies and whistles in Birmingham.In 1870, aged 22, he started his own business with younger brother James.By the 1890s, Hudson faced the rise of many competitor makers and companies.

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On 26 October 1940, the factory received a direct hit from a German air raid. Some models, such as the Thunderer escargot-type and the Metropolitan general service whistle have been popular throughout most of the company's history.After a demonstration at Scotland Yard, Hudson had his first sale.This 1884 contract with the police gradually made Hudson the largest whistle manufacturer for British Empire police forces, military, sports, railways and many others.As the story goes, Hudson, a violin player, accidentally dropped his violin and it shattered on the floor.

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Observing how the discordant sound of the breaking strings travelled, Hudson had the idea to put a pea in the whistle.Simply fill out the following information and we will reserve tickets for your party on the day you requested.