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For a full listing of lodging accommodations in and around Annapolis, click here.It’s no wonder Nova Scotia is affectionately called Canada’s Ocean Playground.

Migrating sandpipers, with their tiny bodies and sharp beaks, come in search of mud shrimp at low tide., an authentic fishing village dating to 1779 that was formerly used as a base by Captain Hall and his privateers.Part of what makes the Annapolis area so special is that you can find any of these appealing options here—all within close proximity to one another.Here’s a snapshot of various locales in the Annapolis area where you might want to book your next overnight visit. Take a water taxi from City Dock or shuffle across the Spa Creek Bridge to Eastport, the laid-back maritime district of Annapolis.Many visitors come for its incredible convenience: it’s central to BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, a busy international airport hub surrounded by several hotels.

Many visitors land at the airport, but that’s only the beginning.But even as you glimpse horses grazing on farmland and quaint 19th century bungalows with hammocks hanging from porches, within minutes you can arrive at a luxurious, modern, eco-friendly waterfront resort.