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18-Oct-2020 08:06

The nut on the stearing shaft in the case up frontd was completely off the shaft.

Itis tapered so I hit it lightly down and tightened the nut.


Any Ideas Tim john it s possable the mower is in a bind.

is there any way that I can find out the year of it thanks so much, I really want to restore it, but until I know the year, it will be tough to get replacement parts.

I have a farmall H that seems to be locked between gears in the field with a rotary mower attached.

this should fix the problem with the tractor...b dont try to force the pto lever on the tractor to the off position..brake the shifting fork.

Now I m going to be in search of stuff for two tractors.

does any one know of more super h s like this one My brother in law has a farmall H serial # 16865 that was suppose to be a orchard model.

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