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Ashoke takes a visiting professorship outside Cleveland and moves there for the academic year.He comes home every three weeks to see Ashima and take care of household chores.

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Gogol introduces Maxine to his parents one summer, then spends two weeks in New Hampshire with Maxine’s family, the Ratliffs, believing that their life, as opposed to his parents’, is paradise.Gogol and Moushumi initially resist this blind date, but find that they like and understand one another. After about a year, they marry in a large Bengali ceremony in New Jersey, near where Moushumi’s parents now live. Gogol also resents the specter of Graham, Moushumi’s banker ex-fiancé, who was good friends with the artistic crew Moushumi still adores.Moushumi, feeling confined in the marriage, begins an affair with an old friend, an aimless academic named Dimitri Desjardins.As the family prepares for its first trip back to Calcutta, Ashoke and Ashima learn that Ashima’s father has died suddenly. Ashima, especially, misses her parents and her home in Calcutta, despite the family’s growing network of Bengali friends in the Boston area.

The Gangulis move to a Boston suburb, a university town where Ashoke has found a job teaching electrical engineering.Gogol officially changes his name to Nikhil before going to Yale.