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11-Dec-2020 02:59

Because of our significant backlog, we have given priority to processing only the main investigative file(s). Hardy Section Chief Record/Information Dissemination Section Records Management Division Enclosure(s) Due to the age and condition of the original documents, we have found that some of the copies reproduced therefrom have been extremely difficult to read. If you want the references, you must submit a separate request for them in writing, and they will be reviewed at a later date, as time and resources permit. While we realize the quality of some of the documents is poor, every effort has been made to obtain the best copies possible.

No fees are assessed for the first 100 pages You have already received your 100 free pages associated with the subject of this request. Out of a population of 15 million, the hopelessly war-weary and apathetic Vietnamese can supply only 600,000 troops, and of these, only 100,000 are conbat soldiers.