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Installing the new Click Once software: For a more detailed explanation of the two types of builds, see Microsoft's web page here, particularly the discussion of the Install attribute.

When you have installed Click Once (as described in the preceding section), you will notice that the folder contains the executable files: A user can't switch easily from one build to another.

Typically, you will have a customized web page for this purpose.

You may be able to re-use your existing web page with this new version of Click Once.

Right-click on the entry for that site and click either "Explore" or "Properties" (different versions of IIS manager have different menu entries).

The resulting information will tell you where your current Click Once directory is.

If so, make sure you tell your users to start Click Once at least once through the web page rather than just using the entries in their Start menus. Because if users start Click Once through their Start menus, Windows looks for the software .

If the software can't be found (because it's been moved), Windows just uses the local version of Main Boss without issuing a message.

As noted previously, there are two builds of Main Boss for Click Once: an Online build and an Offline build. Deployment Exception (Subscription State) Cannot make this application an online application because the previous version is installed.

Microsoft provides a good deal of information about Click Once at

The web page you are reading now is for people who have installed an earlier version of Click Once Main Boss.

Click Once is simple to use but complicated to set up.

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It requires an IT department with a high degree of technical sophistication.

There are two ways to ensure that user systems have the prerequisite software.