Colombian dating customs

01-Jun-2020 00:36

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These days, traditional Cumbia is often blended with dancehall reggae, hip-hop and electronic musical influences to create a more modern, accessible sound.And while the pop music of Shakira and Rock en Espanol of Juanes may be more widely known in the U.Though you’re unlikely to see anyone rocking this style at a nightclub, its influence can be seen in numerous modern dance forms.Porro, which originated in Sucre, is more formal, resembling a military march.It’s not common at all to ask someone from the street his/her name and number, and so the traditional dating where you go to a place to eat and know your date is pretty weird here.Most of the people, for example, would find blind dates to be a nonsense.Dancing has been an integral aspect of Colombian cultures for centuries, and you can see numerous traditional and modern styles performed Cartagena.

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Like many Latin American countries, Colombia offers a rich hodgepodge of ethnic influences, most of which date back to the 16th century conquest by Spain.

Along with the country's magical natural wonders, International Expeditions' Colombia tours also expose you to the region's rich culture.