Dating dorky guys

05-Nov-2020 10:30

It's hard to get used to a whole new set of dating issues.

The Girlfriend Game Still, perhaps the biggest shock I've had so far is how my dates have ended.

I've said yes to joining teams and going on dates with near-strangers.

Many of us like guys with a little chub--but what about dorky guys? "They won't be trying so hard to look 'cool.'"Agreed!I overlooked it because he was sweet, but soon, Drew ended things because he was moving abroad again.My new friends alerted me I'd stumbled upon another Portland dating pitfall: the "just passing through" guy.When it's freezing in the middle of the night, he'll do whistling arctic winds.

When we're on planes, he'll do the sound of a plane landing--even as the plane is I love it. Being with a guy who made time for a relationship was a revelation.