Dating palissy pottery

02-Nov-2019 20:36

This means that in general, porcelain and chinaware that include the country of origin next to or near or within their maker's mark, were made after 1891.However, many recent imports to the US and Europe, particularly those from Asia, usually place a sticker or label to satisfy this legal requirement.

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However, practically all British porcelain and earthenware or Bone China, have the actual maker's mark printed or impressed and often a symbol to indicate the design's official registration (Rd Number or Registration Diamond cipher or some sort of a variation in the shape and color of the actual mark).In the case of pottery or clayware, especially Art and Studio Pottery, and since most items are made in very small numbers or just once and basically relatively uniquely, the country of origin is rarely shown or even required.Most such pottery was originally purchased directly from the actual artisan or sculptor and did not have to comply with Import & Export regulations.To make matters worse, some such old-looking items show signs of aging, for example crazing, but these have been induced artificially, usually by varying the temperature in the kiln that stresses porcelain while it is being fired and causes these thin lines to appear.

The case of Nippon or Japanese porcelain marks is a bit more peculiar.Overmarks were very popular around 1880s – 1930s, mostly on European porcelain that was made by smaller or relatively unknown companies and destined for import to the US.