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Hussein Hosny and told him, "I know they'll say a lot of horrible things about me, but please if one day you are able to write, write about the truth that you have seen with me, the good and the bad." Dr.

Hosny has in fact written a book called "Years with King Farouk".

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Ironically, the biggest proof of this was that during King Farouk's reign, a group of young revolutionaries known as the “Free Officers" called secretly for independence and for an end to the monarchy.

If I were to answer you now, my answer would be yes.

In addition, it seems that the Egyptian people including King Farouk I and Gamal Abd El Nasser and his companions were deceived by British power.

Just before King Farouk was ordered to leave Egypt and abdicate his thrown to his one-year old son King Ahmed Fuad II, he met one of his private secretaries, Dr .

"His Majesty Farouk I, by the grace of God, King of Egypt and Sudan, Sovereign of Nubia, Kordofan and Darfur" was the last King in the house of Muhammad Ali Pasha.

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He became king when he was only sixteen due to the sudden death of his father, King Ahmed Fuad I.They then appointed Muhammad Naguib as President of Egypt, only to be dismissed from his office and placed under house arrest very soon afterwards.