Dating single firemen cops

10-Oct-2019 09:05

Things are going okay and the topic of work comes up.

I dance around the question a little and finally cave telling her I'm an officer.

We met for dinner and I was actually having a good time.

She asks me about work and i explained i was working at the jail.

He immediately asks me if I know this girl who is the mother of their child.

I know her, she's psycho, he'd have to be psycho to father a child with that. Sooooooooo after I got through the academy I did nothing but work or think about how to improve at work, so my world got pretty tiny.

At the end of the date she tried to kiss me and I noped right the fuck out of there!

Though now I am dating a wonderful EMT from the local Firehouse so I guess it worked out in the end. Finally got around to telling him what I did after skirting around it for awhile.

If I see another group of half naked firemen show up on my feed rescuing a small kitten I will literally die. They can’t even get gas for their vehicles without half of a battalion present.She launches into this tirade about how all police are thugs and any time you arrest a women it's sexual assault.

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