Dating someone with mental illness

07-Feb-2020 15:57

The first step when dating someone with a mental illness is recognizing the mental illness.There are many types of mental illnesses including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and psychotic disorders.Depression can sometimes be cured it but is still may can come back.Psychotic disorders such as hallucinations, delusions, and schizophrenia cause a person to believe in things that are not real such as hearing voices, seeing things, and believing things that are not real.But we also can't ignore the way those disorders can complicate things — especially when it comes to getting close to someone else.

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So we asked 21 people what they wanted their partners to know about dating them, the challenges that their mental illnesses can bring up in their relationships, and how they hope their partners respond to the inevitable rough patches. What are your thoughts about prospective dates who you've come to learn have some sort of mental illness (that doesn't leave them completely dysfunctional), such as anxiety disorder, major depression, or bipolar disorder? I can talk to her but I doubt I'll ever really want to see her face again.Do you consider them, or do you back off and move on? Coming from someone with SA (Social Anxiety Disorder): It's a lot harder to deal with than you think sometimes.I appreciate the answer, and yes, you seem to be the outlier here, which I find interesting.

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She is a great person and is better off now than she was but that time...

From experience I’ve learned that the people that they lash out on are the people they feel the most comfortable with and care about the most, so don’t take it personal and don’t lash back.

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