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Note 2: Thanks go to Estragon for his copy-editing work. Blackmailed: Cheerleader's Cherry As Principal of the biggest school in our part of California, every day is an adventure.

Drug busts, celebrities' kids, drama, cyber-bullying, gangs, I have seen it all.

" "Yes, sir," the nerd replied, his answer barely a whisper. Get to fuck the hottest cheerleader in school and get caught only a couple of minutes in. " She at first tried the 'it won't happen again' approach. Stanford, it won't happen again." I replied, "I would like to believe that but if I recall correctly this is your third infraction at my school. Once all spent, I pulled out of her mouth and demanded, "Bend over my desk." Clearly horny now and I imagine desperate to finish a fuck she started over an hour ago, she eager complied.

"Hoe long had the two of you been having actual intercourse before you were caught? The first was plagiarizing an essay and the second was the hazing incident." She quickly defended herself. I don't write it, but I do enforce it." A frantic look in her eyes emerged as she pleaded, "There must be something you can do." I shrugged, "Oh, there is lots I can do, but why would I? I lifted up her skimpy cheerleader's skirt and caressed her tight ass. I chuckled, "I wasn't actually asking your permission.

I have had ridiculously attractive mother's flirt with me, and even straight out offer me sex, to not expel their child.

I have had very pretty teenage girls offer themselves to me on occasion as well..I had always resisted the temptation.

I thought it was a joke and didn't plan to go, but...." "But, you had to go in case it wasn't a set-up," I finished for the stressed-out boy. And she was already there when I arrived and asked if it was true." "What was true? "You can tell your version once he is done, young lady." She quit although the glares she aimed at Markus would have stopped 99.999% of boys from continuing. "So she wanted to see if the rumour was true about the size of your penis." "Yes, sir," the mortified boy replied, clearly embarrassed by the conversation and worried about his future. "Have a good weekend, Markus." "Thank you, thank you, sir," he grovelled. Send Dallas in on your way out." "Yes, sir." A minute later, Dallas walked into my office and closed the door. Stanford, please stop," she requested, real tears now forming. I moaned, "That's it slut, you may make a good cocksucker yet." This only seemed to excite her more as her hand disappeared under her skirt.

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Swirling my tongue, her anal resistance weakened as I slid a finger back in her ass.

Summary: A Principal disciplines a stuck-up hot bitch cheerleader.

Note: This story is dedicated to Doc who inspired this ass-centered story.

A divorce, a long dry spell, and bitterness at the academic changes being made in my district all coalesced at once and allowed my moral shell to wither..when I succumbed... The day it started had been a compete shit-show and I was already on the brink of losing it completely..even I was caught by surprise.

Dallas Allen, our cheerleading captain, had been caught having sex in the janitor's room with Markus Zenron... He was our chess champ, and resident geek in every sense of the word.She looked back scared, her puppy dog eyes desperately pleading me to reconsider, but I just stared back.

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