Dating vintage singer sewing

05-Apr-2020 14:38

The model 20 was the 20th unique singer after Isaac Singers patent model No1, patented in 1851.

Early Singer toy sewing machines were clearly aimed at the child market however later Singer toy sewing machines were sold as adult light portable machines as well as toys.

These models were manufactured in Turkey by Singer and are original Singer toy sewing machines built to a high specification.

These models are now highly collectible because of the limited numbers and were simply called Singer k20 rather than Singer 20k.

The well-made cast iron toy sewing machine was durable, long lasting and has become prized among collectors world-wide, especially the different coloured models.

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First appearing around 1910 some 60 years after Isaac Merritt Singer founded the great Singer Manufacturing Company.This was probably to gain a foothold into the larger market of full-sized machines The Singer 20 toy sewing machine produces a simple chain stitch.