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01-Jul-2020 21:50

Unfortunately though 0014 isn’t the most available guy because he is also off the grid in a farmhouse.

He prevented his host body from dying by way of a tractor crushing him and didn’t seem to know how to contact the outside world, so he just dilly dallied around his greenery.

Thus, this episode is dedicated to helping Marcy survive another day and it’s much trickier than anyone could have imagined.

She assumed that her fate was doomed but that’s not quite accurate.

When Mac Laren is visiting Marcy in the hospital, and promising to think of a solution to her medical problems, he bumps into a child in the hallway who delivers a message from the Director. Mac Laren also breaks protocol and reaches out to officer Boyd to ask for assistance with the Marcy in hospital situation.

When they begin to smooch a whole lot their makeout session is interrupted when Marcy gets a fierce nosebleed that rapidly progresses into a dangerous seizure which lands her in the hospital against her will.

She suggests that they walk to the car and then once they arrive he can give her a dose of amnesia.