Error validating server certificate for xcode

02-Oct-2019 22:41

I filled a 2 bug reports, one today and the other one like 2 months ago.由于svn服务端证书的问题,svn在认证时会报以下一个错误: Error validating server certificate for ‘https://xxxxxxx‘: - The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority.Xcode Server is very tightly coupled with Xcode, so it became painless to set up and use Xcode Server to perform Continuous Integration.Apple has very comprehensive documentation on Xcode Server setup for CI.However, you have to be careful of various things like privacy, cost, ease of use, availability, and platform support while using cloud-based solutions.Choosing a self-hosted CI over a cloud CI has its pros and cons, so you should consider what is best for your team. 🙂I've installed on Mac Mini Maverick OS with OSX Server.

error validating server certificate for xcode-84


If you are looking for cloud solutions, then there are some promising services, such as Travis CI, Circle CI, Buddy Build, Bitrise, and Greenhouse CI.Xcode Server seems to be an easy option for the self-hosted CI, as it is managed by Apple and deeply integrated with Xcode.In this post, we'll see the pros and cons of using Xcode Server for i OS Continuous Integration.However, I wrote a short tutorial to set up the latest Mac OS Server to run Xcode bot.

You can refer those guides to get started with Xcode Server.

The CI server solution can be self-hosted or cloud-hosted.

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