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10-Aug-2020 02:01

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Reut comes to bring him back, and they both reconcile while staying in the desert.

Hodaya, who heeded Yifat's words, gets her job back and reunites with Avri.

Hodaya receives a radio show of her own, becomes stressed and quits. Tehila speaks with Azaria, and informs Nati they decided to resume their relationship. Yifat delivers her baby prematurely; Reut and Hodaya stay with her while Nati drives off to fetch Amir.

He must stay in the empty ranch while Amir drives back to Jerusalem.

Tired of Jerusalem, Yifat moves to a quiet settlement.

Amir begins visiting Yifat, and the two become close friends. The two come to blows, but eventually they reconcile. After meeting up with her niece, who was evicted from Gaza and who consequently lost her faith, Hodaya resolves to disaffiliate.

Though rejecting the notion of a woman chanting at first, he soon becomes enamored with her.

When he cannot control himself and kisses Reut, he immediately proposes marriage.

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Tehila starts seeing Nati; he is finally ready to commit and proposes to her, and she seems to accept. He cancels his own planned wedding and asks her to marry him instead.

Unsure, she decides to keep dating him and sees another man simultaneously.

Hodaya profanes the Sabbath for the first time in her life and then lets Avri drive her to the beach, where she tells him the truth. Although intending to consummate her relationship with Avri, Hodaya flinches at the last moment, and she decides to end their romance, stating that the differences between them are too great.

Amir and Yifat get married, and now must cope with the new hardships, including fertility problems and the need to observe ritual purity.

Amir returns to his roots and begins praying in a Tunisian synagogue with an old man named Shmuel. Nati's mother dies, and his brother Roi moves in with him.

Reut breaks up with Yochai and goes on a long trip to India.

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