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25-Dec-2019 15:35

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Ever wondered how some guys get lucky with every girl they try to woo?

Have you ever imagined yourself in their place and thought about how it would be?

Fractionation seduction is a seduction technique used by men that has evolved over the years.

It was invented by a Neuron Linguistic Programmer named John Grinder and then further researched and developed by Derek Rake.

(This is the TOP of the emotional roller coaster.) When this is done, then ask her (again, you can use this word-for-word): as possible.

This is the BOTTOM of the emotional roller coaster.

Now what if I tell you that this may well come true in a week or two from now?

I know this sounds too good to be true, and I really don’t blame you for being a little skeptical…

Such guys, intentionally or unintentionally are using fractionation seduction.

See that she lightens up, and then hit her with a sad story to bring her back down again. And because you’ve shared those experiences with her, her recall of those past incidences will be more vivid and powerful.