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21-Nov-2019 17:14

The tendency of exhibiting culture evolution has recently been noticed all around the world.

Before making a decision what exhibition to choose exponents prefer to collect information about the history of the exhibition event, exhibiting area, participants and advertising campaign, governmental support etc.

It happens that exhibition is in high gear but informational stand lacks exhibition catalogues.

That is generally explained as “They have just done with catalogues” but actually it indicates poor professional and preparation level of the given exhibition.

The better part of this information goes out of date being still unpublished.

That’s why the approach to informative catalogue part should be extremely serious.

Contest contributed to singling out necessary requirements to exhibition catalogue.

One of the main conclusions is that catalogue isn’t just an inquiry but a very notable document which mirrors the real state of market.

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To be more precise, in 1998 in “Russian Agroindustrial complex” exhibition catalogue we published contacts of all scientific institutions of Russian Agricultural Academy and some other exclusive materials.For example, pavilions’ plan with stands’ enumeration, organizers’ and officials’ message to exhibition participants which is background information for further exhibition analysis and status defining.