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15-Apr-2020 22:09

This inner critic tends to be very vocal about the things that really matter to us, like our relationships. First, the critical inner voice fueled doubts about his girlfriend’s interest in him, then it turned on him.The second he perceived the situation through the filter of his critical inner voice, which told him his girlfriend was pulling away, his mind flooded with terrible thoughts toward himself. The next minute, he was listening to an inner voice telling him all the ways he couldn’t measure up, that he was being rejected. They challenge the core feelings we have about ourselves and evict us from long-lived-in comfort zones.

Knowing our attachment style is beneficial, because it can help us to realize ways we may be recreating a dynamic from our past.

Our insecurities can further stem from a “critical inner voice” that we’ve internalized based on negative programming from our past.

If we had a parent who hated themselves, for example, or who directed critical attitudes toward us, we tend to internalize this point of view and carry it with us like a cruel coach inside our heads.

No matter what, we must strive to feel okay within ourselves.

This means fully accepting the love and affection our partner directs toward us.Here are some helpful steps to take: Maintain your independence.

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