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And all of that stuff was no different from Charley Patton playing between his legs at juke joints, or Tommy Johnson playing behind his head.What some people call a gimmick, others will call art.” It is March 2, and Jack White is in a Manhattan hotel chosen, perhaps, because its pale blue colour scheme matches the palette of Blunderbuss.That day, White says, he recorded three songs, including a shit-kicking homage to James Booker called “Trash Tongue Talker”, and embarked on a trajectory that culminates this month with the release of his first solo album, the rich, nuanced and thoroughly entertaining Blunderbuss. v=e TW6y Knm O08 “With The White Stripes, I wanted to have a new blues,” he says.“‘Seven Nation Army’ has become a soccer chant to some people, but to me it’s a blues song, a struggle of one person against the world.The way Jack White tells it – though historically, his relationship with the truth can be a little capricious – his solo career started by accident.For the past three years, White has been inviting musicians down to his Nashville studio to record 45s for his Third Man label; recent visitors have included Tom Jones, The Alabama Shakes, and the Insane Clown Posse.

I consider all of it to be the blues, but I’m trying to present it in a way that shakes it up for me and the listener.” It would be easy to envisage Blunderbuss – the 11th album of White’s mature career, after six with Meg White in The White Stripes, two fronting The Raconteurs alongside Brendan Benson, and two playing mostly drums in The Dead Weather – as the point where much of the subterfuge stops, and something akin to a real Jack White emerges. The enigmatic strategies and outlandish concepts remain just as critical to his appeal as the songs and virtuosity.

Ruby Amanfu (from Sam & Ruby fame pop pickers) is on hand to handle backing vocals as well as a duet with White on 'Love Interruption' and with the incredible Brook Waggoner on keys and piano it shows that Jack has been tearing through Nashville's music scene with vigour of late and plucking the ripest talent available.

As well as playing fan favourites such as 'Hotel Yorba' (complete with a searing country violin solo), 'My Doorbell', 'Top Yourself' (from The Raconteurs era) and the incendiary 'Ball and a Biscuit' (recently voted number 1 favourite Jack White song by Rolling Stone magazine) he also included 'Two Against One' from the project with producer Daniele Luppi and Dangermouse which got a great reception, and also helped pace the set and perfectly led the more quiet section of the gig into 'We Are Going to Be Friends'.

* In these exclusive interviews, artists describe their Blue Series recording experience in a behind-the-scenes look at their own creative process and the creative process of producer Jack White.

The immediacy of the recordings and unusual circumstances create stories rife with insight and interesting moments.This never seemed like an artist simply playing it safe or choosing songs that he felt would go down the best with the press, despite playing so many hits and fan favourites.

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