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Same time I can do the Face Time Group Call form i Messages form i Phone and from Mac Book Pro, but not form Face Time native app on either of them. Since I have not seen Apple answer to this question and following conversations i will give a try to answer, based on my own initial troubles with Face Time Group call and experience gained over a time on succesfull calls.

Firstly to be able to make and receive Group Call all involved parties has to be on i OS12.1.1 or later, which also answers all the Questions of i Phone 7 or 6 vs SE or any other.

Like if you have a Family i Message group or close Friends i Message group.

Without that you can make a group call adding new person to existing Face Time call, but here is a caveat, that new person might not have his or her phone ringing indicating of a new call at the moment you added it to the call. I have relatives that have the 5SE and their phone work with the Group Face Time.

Aware that ” information sharing has become, in many ways, a way to keep in touch with friends, family or colleagues ” , Apple describes a method by which two mobile users can share and interact with the application data in real time.

This sharing feature also extends to what is displayed on the screen.

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My son has the 6s and my other cousin has the 6plus and they both can’t see anyone in a Face Time group chat but we can only hear them talk. We can only hear them talk and can’t see their faces. I do have i Phone 7 and i cannot even start the group call on Face Time, since at the moment when I type in second participant the address list and the buttons for audio and video call become grey and inactive.

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