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05-Dec-2019 15:58

Indeed, a recent report found that rates of teenage births and sexually transmitted infections dropped in communities as high-speed internet access improved.

The researchers concluded that the reduction in adolescent births was not clearly linked to a shift in abortion rates and was likely explained, in part, by increased access to information about contraception and how to obtain it.

In a recent survey, more than half of adolescent girls and boys had dated someone who tried to monitor or control them by texting so frequently that it made the recipient uncomfortable, expecting immediate responses, asking for their passwords, or tracking their location or social activity.

The same report also found that nearly half of teenagers had been in a relationship with a partner who used technology against them, either to spread rumors, post embarrassing or hurtful messages, or make threats.

Young people have always been curious about sex, and when our teenagers have questions, the internet is usually their first stop, for worse and for better.

Still, it’s important to appreciate what it means for a teenager when an omnipresent relationship ends.

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Teenage couples awaken together by text or call, communicate — hopefully not while driving — on the way to school, connect in person during the day while still texting, Face Time through their homework, then virtually snuggle online before falling asleep.

On more than one occasion I’ve found myself listening to the details of a teenager’s day thinking that my husband and I, except for when we traveled together before we had children, have never been as completely intertwined as many young couples are now.

And roughly a third experienced sexual coercion via digital means: they were pressured to have sex, received unwanted sexual images or were urged to send them, or had their nude pictures sent to others without permission.