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” Both Too Cool and Dog suspect Beaver’s homosexuality and pester him in various scenes, but he strongly denies being gay (but questions himself).His sexuality is tested in two scenes: the gay club and the house party.The segments and spoken lines that are supposed to garner laughs fail badly, for they are overdramatized; the Disney-sounding instrumental, supporting the fight scene and Too Cool’s attempt at rebuffing his little manhood, also does not help and sounds cheesy.In the following segment, the story introduces Inspector Green (Chris Elliot) who is literally blue in the face; he looks sluggish, odoriferous, walks in a clumsy manner, and looks like an otherworldly creature.(Note: Spoilers will be revealed, mainly the speed-dating happenings with the various women they meet.) The movie begins with the three roommates on a track field in sprinting position.As they sprint, the scene cuts to a speeding car and shows each character engaging in two activities: posting flyers and talking to women.Too Cool finally gets Frenchita outside and tells her to never come back again.

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Unlike the first week of the speed-dating scam which garners dry comedy, week two presents a bundle of laughs through Kiki (Camille Mana) while meeting Too Cool.Too Cool meets a beautiful woman named Kelly (Tanisha Lynn) in a tight-fitting Lycra dress and starts to break her down through sweet talk and his charms.Kelly has a gold-digging mentality but appears very strong, not to mention a woman who would reject a one-night stand.Dog gets himself in a precarious situation when he introduces himself to Sage (Karen Yelverton), a woman with a gruff laugh and a deep voice; her voice gives it away and one thing comes in to mind: her appearance is misleading.

Dog ignores the clear signs of her true identity and continues chatting her up, because his ultimate goal is sex.Not only is this character a paradox, but he is not funny; his acting is also horrendously bad.