Problems validating visa debit card

01-Mar-2020 20:35

This will have a positive impact on Member profitability.

A less tangible, but nevertheless real, benefit is the assurance members can provide to their cardholders who are considering e-commerce transactions.

If you are currently using a full API integration some slight integration work may be needed.

The American Express Safe Key® programme ("Safe Key") is a Payer Authentication service that adds an extra layer of security when a participating Cardmember shops online.

You should have no problems using your American cards anywhere in Europe provided you check a few things before you leave.

In addition, if you apply a few simple rules you can also save a bit of money as well when you travel to Europe. These are the most common questions I get about using debit and credit cards in Europe.

This article will outline these few things you need to know before you use your ATM and Credit Cards in Europe. The simple answer is yes, your debit and credit card will work in Europe.

Using your credit card and debit card in Europe is very easy these days thanks to global financial networks.

It is expected that nearly 80% of all e-commerce chargebacks and fraud, and a substantial proportion of customer complaints, could be eliminated with the use of Authenticated Payment.

Safe Key reduces unauthorised online use before it happens by validating the Cardmember’s identity with an additional password or unique value.