Rodrigo santoro dating history

19-May-2020 23:21

We did have a little backstory that’s not in the movie that they thought that, for all kinds of reasons when you edit a movie, pacing and all that stuff, that would explain a little bit more about his background.

But basically we were building that, especially the relationship between Frank and Sarah (Jaimie Alexander).

In life, usually, even if you live in a big city, you can count on your fingers on one hand how many real friends you have; that’s human. I play the same character, little different…you get a little more of his backstory, a little bit here and there.

But I think Jerry was probably really his best friend and we tried to talk about friendship. I’ve heard they’re very happy with it, which makes me happy. I can’t talk much because I’m not allowed to, but I think it’s going to be pretty cool.

So we already had a little intimacy since we met before and we spent some time together and it was fun, it was fun to have that.

I think there are three angles, if we can talk about relationships.

When we got to set and we had a translator and all of that, sometimes I didn’t have to wait for the translator because the way he would mimic or just show you what he wanted…I’ve never had that experience before, working for somebody where we had a translator between us, but I think he’s so talented and he’s such an artist that the way he was able to express himself, just making gestures and trying to show you what he wanted was amazing. ” Like right before the take he was “blah, blah, blah,” just talking all kind of absurd things. He made my experience be so pleasant and I didn’t know these guys, I met them for the first time: Genesis, Luis, Johnny [Knoxville]. You have an interesting character who we didn’t know much about, even from the set visit. Was there a lot of material on that cut from the final version? Not a lot, some was cut, along with a lot of stuff.

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We’re talking about a small town where people really know each other.

You guys have one moment in the jail cell where your friendship is established.

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