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If you're a fan of the Saravah Records label, you'll definitely get the spirit here – and much of the music reflects the changes happening in the post-colonial years, when the former global outposts of France were turning into unique hotspots for cross-cultural activity.

Titles include "Le Trottoire D'En Face" by Pierre Akendengue, "Pitie" by Eugene Mona, "Complexium" by Dane Belany, "Abitrer Le Confit" by Ho Chi Minh, "Monsieur L'Indien" by Peloquin/ soldiers overseas!

Tillman plays a fair bit of keyboards – and many of the tracks have lots of great keyboard lines interacting with driving rhythms from Potter – a hell of a percussionist, and one who really gives the record a nice earthy core.

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The work was done Guido & Maurizio De Angelis – a sequel the Sandokan film from the previous year – with loads of chiming little and grandly soaring string bits, flute, mandola and sitar sounds– with tight drumming and percussion and even bits of electric keyboard funkiness!As you'd guess from the dates, the label was started during the American involvement in WWII – but then continued as a key part of its work in rebuilding the European scene of the postwar years – almost as a musical extension of the work of the State Department!