Scott speedman dating history

17-Nov-2020 22:01

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And I was like, Russell herself interjected and agreed with Speedman's assessment that her character's haircut resembled a "chia pet." "But it grew into something great," Speedman added to redeem himself.

It's sweet to see him being so honest now — even though it was a big change, he wanted to be supportive.

Score: 6 Noel: Generally speaking, Noel treated Felicity very well.

With a few exceptions — like the times he acted somewhat entitled to her feelings because he was a nice guy who didn't let her down time and again — Noel was everything you wanted from a friend and/or boyfriend. Score: 8 Ben: Besides Javier (Ian Gomez), who was also his boss, Ben never really seemed interested in getting to know any of Felicity's friends — other than Julie (Amy Jo Johnson), of course, whom he briefly dated in Season 1 and carelessly used in order to get back at Felicity in the Season 4 alternate reality.

Noel was actually one of the people who really pushed Felicity to follow what was (at least temporarily) her passion before she ultimately changed her mind, which really seems like a metaphor for their entire relationship.

Score: 6Ben: Ben may have whisper-talked and even mumbled a lot, but do you know what was sometimes beneath those whispers and mumbles? That dude was far funnier than anyone ever gave him credit for.

For instance, remember when Sean (Greg Grunberg) asked Ben and Noel if they'd ever felt an aching "down under" and Ben replied, "You mean like Australia?

" Maybe it's mean to laugh because Sean did have cancer, but you can't say Ben didn't have a great sense of humor.

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"And I knew I had to put on a good show when I was going to see her new haircut.

might be most famous for Keri Russell's divisive Season 2 haircut, but the debates over her love life are just as popular — and almost as polarizing. It's a question that has been plaguing fans of The WB drama since it first premiered in 1998.

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