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Other stone tools from the Middle Paleolithic era (200,000 – 80,000 BCE) come from the Prévôt (Prepoštská) cave in Bojnice and from other nearby sites.

The most important discovery from that era is a Neanderthal cranium (c.

Numerous necklaces made of shells from Cypraca thermophile gastropods of the Tertiary period have come from the sites of Zákovská, Podkovice, Hubina, and Radošina.

These findings provide the most ancient evidence of commercial exchanges carried out between the Mediterranean and Central Europe.

The population is over 5.4 million and consists mostly of Slovaks.

The capital and largest city is Bratislava, and the second-largest city is Košice. The Slavs arrived in the territory of present-day Slovakia in the 5th and 6th centuries.

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A separate (First) Slovak Republic (1939–1945) existed during World War II as a totalitarian, clero-fascist one-party client state of Nazi Germany.Slovakia is the world's largest per-capita car producer with a total of 1,090,000 cars manufactured in the country in 2018 alone Radiocarbon dating puts the oldest surviving archaeological artefacts from Slovakia – found near Nové Mesto nad Váhom – at 270,000 BCE, in the Early Paleolithic era.These ancient tools, made by the Clactonian technique, bear witness to the ancient habitation of Slovakia.200,000 BCE), discovered near Gánovce, a village in northern Slovakia.

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Archaeologists have found prehistoric human skeletons in the region, as well as numerous objects and vestiges of the Gravettian culture, principally in the river valleys of Nitra, Hron, Ipeľ, Váh and as far as the city of Žilina, and near the foot of the Vihorlat, Inovec, and Tribeč mountains, as well as in the Myjava Mountains.Excavations of Lusatian hill forts document the substantial development of trade and agriculture at that period.