Snape and lily dating

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It all came down to some bad blood: everyone told Harry he was just like his father, but only Snape meant that as an insult.

Snape was quick to pick his favourite pupils and they all had one thing in common – they looked good in green.

Asking Snape about himself, Snape tells him a story.

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Snape, remembering their bullying throughout the years, and Lily, rebounds the spells, applies the Cruciatus Curse to Sirius, and Sectumsempra to Remus.

While he was saying this, Lily was smiling and holding the flower he gave her. Lily tells him that he is such a nice and sweet person. :white_flower: Lily says she is not scared of James and he shouldn't be either. So finally both Sev and Lily conjure a spell where he leaves the wedding and they fix whatever he messed up.

She tells him that he shouldn't be worrying about him or what he is going to do to him. Lily invited her sister but Petunia didn't want to come. She didn't want to be at a wedding full of witches and wizards. The wedding has begun and Lily walks down the aisle and she sees her family. Then Sev and Lily are able to make their toast.° ° ° ° °° ° ° ° °Even though this picture shows "James" and he's wearing glasses, I wanted to use this picture to be Sev and Lily and their kids because I imagine Sev getting a haircut because Lily has told him that she is getting tired of his long hair and she wants him to get a haircut.

Snape apologizes for calling her a mudblood (seen in a flashback in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix).

Lily tells Snape that she will forgive him if he changes and stops being with dark wizards, such as Bellatrix Lestrange. Returning to the first scene at the bar, the stranger tells Snape that he knows how it feels to be subjugated and feared for one's talents.

Perhaps he needed a hobby, like Gobstones (his mother was president of the Hogwarts club, after all) or maybe Dumbledore could have taken him ten-pin bowling.

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