Spb weather not updating

23-Dec-2019 11:22

Download a trial for 30 days, and if you don't like it, simply uninstall and don't pay for it.

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Well....after 9 days using this app I just couldn't stand the lag any longer. The carousel thingy was giving me the s***s as well. Anyhow I'm now back to the standard Telstra screen, and after 9 days of extensive lag the hd feels and operates like greased lightning. I understand the swiping gestures but I much prefer my original Win Mo 6.5 my TD2 came shipped with Telstra's 6.5 which is more responsive and better then SPB.

Have been using SPB mobile shell for about a year now on my ancient WM 5.0 HP i Paq hw6965. I can't notice too much lag, the gestures work well, weather updates as expected.