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26-Aug-2020 01:22

The question we’re asked most is “how can I pitch a reality show?”It’s no wonder…good advice on the unscripted television business is hard to come by.Each goes on six first dates and chooses one for a second date – a decision made off camera with no explanation.Though set in New York City and featuring mostly beautiful people in trendy jobs, those close-to-typical folks are very relatable.You can also read about our shows in Hollywood trades like Deadline Hollywood covering Unmasking a Killer, Variety reporting on Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne, or The Hollywood Reporter covering MTV’s Caged.Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina are named as executive producers (that’s us).As in real life, "Dating Around" shows that a pretty-good date can be forgettable when hundreds of faces await swipes.These days, messages and romantic possibilities are endless.

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Real singles don’t spend their first dates in hot-air balloons or on shopping sprees.But a cast that includes more diversity demonstrates how “coming out” stories can surface, how race comes into play in conversation and how chats can be more serious the older you get.