Stop dating jerks

16-May-2020 06:37

From my experience, the vast majority of guys in the dating world are lying (mostly to themselves) when they say they don’t want to date a crazy chick. He can easily throw all responsibility on her, move along, and do zero self-reflection. Fortunately, as a rule, I’m not attracted to bad boys. And it’s mutual: bad boys don’t tend to be into me either, so I don’t usually intersect with them.The craziest women I know always have guys circling around. Having said that, I totally acknowledge that some women could be in a room with 99 nice guys and 1 bad boy…and they would pick the jerk every time. Upon further reflection, I see one major difference between the crazy girl, the bad boy, and the jerk.But I definitely appreciate his unique self awareness.Sure, I might shake my head at him a bit, but I admire his honesty and ownership of what he’s looking for.She has gone out on at least 100 first dates, interacted with over 1000 guys, and reviewed at least 10000 profiles.If there was a Masters in Online Dating, Bonnie’s earned it.Most men, however, are not nearly as cognizant as that guy!If a woman says she doesn’t want to date a bad boy, but continues to ONLY find shady, sketchy, insincere dudes, she might need to be more honest with herself about who she is choosing to spend her time with.

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Still, it’s crazy how often girls end up with jerks and say “I had no idea” after the fact. I mean, This article is geared towards women trying to detect guys who are jerks.

I have watched guys return to women they knew were unstable, were running a three-ring circus of their lives, erratic from drug use, over-reactive, and/or melodramatic. On the other hand, jerks (male and female) come in different flavors and MANY of them charm and manipulate.

Most of the guys lamenting all the crazy women out there are drawn to them like doms to rope and latex. This makes it much more difficult to detect, so the datee doesn’t always realize what they are really walking into.

When I ask women about whether or not they have a sound “jerk” detector, it seems that they’re split 50/50 on the answer — some are great at detecting jerks while others admit they’re blind as bats.

I’m 29 years old today at the time of writing this article.

You’ll see a consistent message in my writing about life in general and dating specifically: be honest! Then you will be equipped to be honest with others.