Updating from fedora 9 to fedora 10

16-Sep-2020 10:39

I am passionate about technology and its constant advances and learning about them all.

Fedora 9 already supported KMS on an experimental basis with Intel graphics hardware.Radeon's support for KMS also, still has its glitches and had already appeared on the distribution's wiki page of known problems when Fedora 10 was released.To further spice up the boot process, the Red Hat/Fedora developers created the Plymouth program (see also: Interview with the developers of Plymouth).I am fully packed with confidence, optimism and curiosity to learn new technologies & can survive in any competitive environment I am put into and wish to be always in a nurturing and challenging environment.

I am very passionate and delivered to my work, I like being responsible, I like to collaborate and make a good team, I am a person with goals, aspirations and professionalism.

In systems with VGA text consoles, the program displays a simple ASCII progress bar at the bottom while the kernel and services initialise the hardware and start their jobs in the background – the whole procedure is slightly reminiscent of the white progress bar presented to users at the beginning of the start-up of Windows 2000.