Validating account numbers uk modulus checking

12-Dec-2019 22:08

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Again, because we only charge for the use of the service you can install Bank Check on just one desktop or a thousand desktops, we don't mind.

Performing sort code validation and bank account validation ensures you have the correct bank details and is crucial to the smooth running of your direct debit management systems.

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If Len(Account Number) Dim Weighted Digits One As Integer Dim Weighted Digits Two As Integer Dim Mod Digit One As Byte Dim Mod Digit Two As Byte Dim Control Digit One As Byte Dim Control Digit Two As Byte 'Converts Account Number into Integer, and then creates array of individual bank account digits.

'Apply Weights to the first eight digits of the code, then add together.

You'll get regular updates to it and you will have legitimate access to it. I put my own account details in and was told it was valid.

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I have tried the one used for credit cards where you double alternate digits, sum them then mod 10 the result but this doesn't seem to work! You can use online resources like but that is manually updated. If you intend to do this as a business concern, then I would STRONGLY recommend buying the list.

Bank Digit = Split(Account Number, "") 'Apply Weights to the first eight digits of the code, then add together.

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