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20-Oct-2019 09:54

We want fun adult dating and swinging-65

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And we focus on and appreciate our own relationship at home, and giggle when we think about all the crazy things we have done together.

We are here to make memories for our rocking chair days... Everyone has their own style/journey so I will be interested to see how this question gets answered. What is in it for you to play separately vs as a couple?

We are an open-minded dating site for swingers and singles.

Whether you are a couple, single male or female, or TS/TV/TG.

Through each experience, you are building a stronger relationship with your spouse.

We want fun adult dating and swinging-26

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I express that in the little things I do for him and taking care of our family. I just look to my swing friends as friends we sleep with and we do care about their welfare/well-being just as much as our vanilla friends. What we’re working on is allowing our swinger relationships to just be whatever they are and not forcing them to be something they’re not.But my husband and I can’t stop wondering how do you prevent feelings from happening? Our worry is developing some kind of affection that could confuse us.