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03-Sep-2020 01:56

"It was basically an abusive relationship with Sam...It was this weird kind of love/hate thing going on, and personally, especially after seeing all of that play out and then comparing it to marriage and everything else, I can't imagine anyone wanting to be married to someone where that’s a normal thing." Even though he's only been married for about a month, Kress' relationship appears to be the exact opposite of Freddie and Sam's situation.Sam and Freddie, however, was something else entirely -- and something that Kress noted might make fans rethink shipping him and his co-star IRL."Sam and Freddie did date and it ended horribly," admitted Kress. Sam: [nods as she looks back at Carly] Pretty much! [nods and goes back to eating] Sam: [with a mouthful of lasagna] Ohh, what do they put in this lasagna to make it so incredible?! [grabs Sam and Freddie's plates after dramatically walking away] I deserve this lasagna. Sam: And anyway, have you ever had the lasagna at Pini's? Carly: [annoyed] I'm just supposed to sit here and wait for you guys to have a fight, so I can settle it? [guy walks away] Carly: If you guys can't learn to work things out on your own then, you shouldn't be dating at all! Freddie: So, we want you to come with us, 'cause you always come up with smarts ways for us to compromise. [walks to his cart] Sam: Uh, it is so good that when I die, please bury me naked in a bathtub full of Pini's lasagna! Carly: [holds up her index finger and thumb an inch apart] This close to callin' the cops!

[touches the puppy] Gibby: You hear that little guy? Gibby: That means you and I are gonna have more time, just the two of us! Gibby: So I figured sharing a dog will give us something to talk about! Sam: [sounding hurt] Don't you ever say that to me! Freddie: Yeah and we need your help Carly: Why do I have to be the one... Freddie: [turns to Sam] For 36 bucks I could buy you a whole ham! Freddie: Sam I'm not buying you a ham [start to quarell]. [puts his hand on Carly's shoulder] Not in front of our baby!

Nathan Kress was only 14 years old when he started filming the hit Nickelodeon show "i Carly." Soon, he became a household name, with his character Freddie Benson stuck in the midst of an internet ship war amongst fans.