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7 show, immediately galvanized a barrage of responses ranging from fanatical elation to stunned disappointment.Images of New Orleans, a drowning cop car, and a graffiti-sprayed "Stop Shooting Us" coupled with Beyoncé singing about hot sauce in her bag, negro noses, and Texas bamas lit the Internet on fire.

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The show also centered the experiences and voices of black women in an unprecedented way on cable news.The lack of seasoned political pundits was a distinct feature of the show and of this particular episode, which featured segments about the presidential primaries and the eighth GOP presidential debate.Invited guests on the show were activists, academics, community organizers, people from the communities being discussed, emergent and established writers.#Nerdland, as it was affectionately known, became a place for people invested in thoughtful, incisive, and wide-ranging discussions of contemporary politics and culture that incorporated challenging topics such as systemic racism and sexism.

It was not uncommon to hear words like "white privilege," "patriarchy," "homophobia," "transphobia," "poverty," "Islamophobia," "undocumented person," or "misogyny" on the show.

The show provided a platform for her, a black woman and a well-respected political scientist, and other women and racial and ethnic minorities to contribute to substantive conversations about current affairs.

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